Competency 9

Competency 9:   Respond to contexts that shape practice.


Social workers are informed, resourceful, and proactive in responding to evolving organizational, community, and societal contexts at all levels of practice. Social workers recognize that the context of practice is dynamic, and use knowledge and skill to respond proactively. Social workers


• continuously discover, appraise, and attend to changing locales, populations, scientific and technological developments, and emerging societal trends to provide relevant services; and

• provide leadership in promoting sustainable changes in service delivery and practice to improve the quality of social services.

How I demonstrated my competency learning:

I became very knowledgeable with most of the medical terminology that was commonly used among the doctors, nurses and social workers. It was a big challenge since I took on the internship knowing little to no medical information. In order to provide my patients with the best service as a social worker I knew I had to do some side work and learn about drugs and its effects, patient care such as outpatient dialysis treatment and palliative care, and hospice. In addition to the book information I was taking in I took time each day to update the Intern Handbook for future interns at West Suburban Medical Center.

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