Competency 3

Competency 3:   Apply critical thinking to inform and communicate professional judgments.

Social workers are knowledgeable about the principles of logic, scientific inquiry, and reasoned discernment. They use critical thinking augmented by creativity and curiosity. Critical thinking also requires the synthesis and communication of relevant information. Social workers

• distinguish, appraise, and integrate multiple sources of knowledge, including research-based knowledge, and practice wisdom;

• analyze models of assessment, prevention, intervention, and evaluation; and

• demonstrate effective oral and written communication in working with individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, and colleagues.

How I demonstrated my competency learning:

Every case I handled was similar, but different. If there’s one thing I have learned throughout my social work college years it is that every case needs to be handled individually because it is different from any other case. Each time I had a new patient I would always look for their chart, read their physical and history to give me some background information about the patient, look at their medical diagnosis, and review their social history. Not all patients provided social history to nurses or doctors so it was my job to go talk to the patient to seek that information and fill in the gaps. I was able to speak with patients on a daily basis and obtain each one’s information. Sometimes I was the only one that could get important information about the patients “at home living conditions” and I would pass it along to the rest of my team. I recorded all of my interaction with patients, family members, doctors of the patients, and nurses and would utilize an online system to document all of the assessment and evaluation for future reference.

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