Competency 2

Competency 2:  Apply social work ethical principles to guide professional practice.

Social workers have an obligation to conduct themselves ethically and to engage in ethical decision-making. Social workers are knowledgeable about the value base of the profession, its ethical standards, and relevant law. Social workers

• recognize and manage personal values in a way that allows professional values to guide practice;

• make ethical decisions by applying standards of the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics [1] and, as applicable, of the International Federation of Social Workers/International Association of Schools of Social Work Ethics in Social Work, Statement of Principles; [2]

• tolerate ambiguity in resolving ethical conflicts; and

• apply strategies of ethical reasoning to arrive at principled decisions.

How I demonstrated my competency learning:

During my internship experience I encountered many ethical dilemmas. I learned how consultation is important because every professional working a particular case needs to provide their input and their observations to help the decision-making process easier. I remember having to review the Code of Ethics quite often to help guide my decisions and how I should handle a case based off of my social work principles. I was able to discuss with my supervisor situations or cases in which I did not feel comfortable making a decision alone and he would answer the questions I did not fully understand from the case. I did seek help from my co-workers and supervisor whenever a major ethical dilemma became present because I wanted to make sure my final decision was fair for the patient and everyone involved.

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